Jamari Taylor is a portrait artist from Battle Creek, Michigan and current resident in the Grand Rapids community. Using charcoal, acrylics, and oils she creates images that portrays a sitter’s character, power, and strength. After starting her art business Jaylei Art, Jamari has created an artsy foundation to uplift and get others inspired through an artist vision. Throughout her Jaylei Art tutoring program, portrait time lapse videos, Jaylei products, murals, and vendor events, it’s Jamari’s pleasure to continuously create spaces of light, peace, and healing through art in different communities.

Meet Our Team

Jamari’s amazing mom, Yvette and amazing partner, DJ are a huge help behind the scenes of Jaylei Art. Such as setting up party materials, mural ideas, vendor event set ups, and more. Their loyalty, hard work, and dedication has been major for the growth of Jaylei Art. 

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